Monday, May 23, 2016

Just because I know life goes fast and I want to remember

So life goes faster than a train and once we had our girls it has started zooming by like a bullet train. So I want to remember the details when I'm old and gray. So I I can remember!

Norah is now a beaming beautiful 3 year old, who astonishes me almost daily with her new vocabulary or sentence structures or just with how genuinely kind she is to her sister. For lunch Lainey had a corn-dog. I cut a piece off for Norah thinking that neither one of them would eat it because let's be honest kids NEVER eat what you put in front of them. But they both loved it and started chowing down. So Lainey quickly ate her piece and started asking for more. So I told Norah, as she was still holding onto her piece and eating it, that if she didn't want her piece to please give it to her sister because she likes it. She said "but I do like it mommy." I said "ok baby" and turned to say something to Paul...and when I turned back around Norah was handing Lainey her piece of the corn-dog. She's just the most kind and gentle little being, not that she doesn't have her moments of terror like all kiddos...but aside from those temporary moments of insanity she's a doll of a big sister!

Lainey, our tenacious and tiny. She is fearless and has the tenacity of me when I was younger. I once adamantly refused to ask anyone for help 'fixing the toy-box' so I balanced the very heavy lid on my head as it freed up my hands in order to allow me to fix it myself. It didn't matter that it was so heavy it hurt my head and neck. What mattered is that I got the job done. YES! That is her. Everyday that is my little angel trying to work $hit out for herself. I saw her a few weeks ago struggling to put a straw into a juice-box one-handed (like it's not already difficult) but she wasn't fussing about it so I just let her try. And what do you know she did it. And then proceeded to pull it out of the juicebox just to wash, rinse and repeat!

She's also started saying the word "No" a LOT, along with a lot of other words as well. She'll almost mimic anything her sister asks her to, although I get the "No" answer still when I ask her to say anything. Of course! This past weekend she jumped into the foam pit all by herself without any assurance that someone would be able to get her out again. Or when we took her to the beach she walked right into the waves crashing into her and didn't skip a beat. I love her tenacity for life even though it scares me for what's to come as she just get bigger and bigger and more and more capable.

Our girls look very very similar and only getting more so by the day as Lainey's hair continues to lighten to a dirty blonde; HOWEVER, their personalities couldn't be further from each other. Lainey is the daredevil who welcomes newcomers while my shy little Norah takes a little longer to warm up to people and is cautious when it comes to the unknown. Norah is also way more sensitive, like her momma, and thoughtful...But we LOVE them both for their uniqueness and individuality. The fact that they love each other so much is such an awesome sight to see too. I guess it makes sense tho...if Norah is like me and Lainey is like her daddy...I mean Paul and I are pretty smitten with each other =)

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